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Maxi Cab & Minibus Bulky Items / Bicycle Transfer

Bulkey item transfer and bicycle transfer in Singapore

Maxi Cab & Minibus Bulky Items / Bicycle Transfer

Every week there are sales all over Singapore. Must buy electronics or bulky furniture. Courts, Ikea, and Giant are popular weekend shopping destinations to shop for bulky items. However, deliveries do take time and in most cases are very expensive. Sometimes the items that we buy are cheaper than the money that we spend for delivery and assembly.

Do you have some bulky boxes and luggage to shift, but they just won’t get into the boot of a taxi? Have you experienced this before? If your answer is yes then worry no more, the solution to your problem is here. Our Maxi Cab and Minibus bulky item disposal Singapore transfer service are catered for you. No one would want to board an MRT or a bus with all these bulky items or are we allowed to? All in one, your bulky items and you in one vehicle. How does this sound? All you must do is call us shortly before you wrap up your shopping and before you know it, our friendly chauffeurs are on the spot ready to pick you up with your bulky items. So why go through all the hassle when we have the Maxi Cab bulky items transfer service to offer you? Providing you with a fruitful shopping and transporting experience.

Leisure cycling with your friends at East Coast Park or Pulau Ubin? But how do you bring that bulky bicycle to your favorite cycling spot? Most of our clientele who are planning to go on a bicycle trip ask us if we do multiple picks up. Yes, we do. All our 7 Seater Maxi Cabs can fit 3 bicycles easily together with 3 passengers. As for our Minibuses, they can carry 5 passengers and 5 bicycles.

Depending on the size and number of items you have and the number of people traveling, we will advise you on choosing between the Maxi Cab Bulky Items Transfer Service or the Mini Bus Bulky Item Transfer Services in Singapore. Based on the number of bicycles and passengers, you can choose either the Maxi Cab bicycle transport Singapore or our Minibus bicycle transfer service.

Give us a call on our 24 Hours Maxi Cab Hotline or send us an inquiry email. Alternatively, you can make a Maxi Cab Bulky Items Transfer Booking or Maxi Cab Bicycle transfer service booking through our Maxi Cab Online Booking portal and specify your requirements for us to suggest the best vehicle to suit your needs.


  • Maximum 2 Passengers and 2 Bicycles - $55


  • Maximum 4 Passengers and 4 Bicycles - $65