Late for work because of rush hour jam? Delay in train service? Workplace is far away from home? Driving is a cost factor? Need to interchange a number of public transports before getting to your office door? Flagging for a taxi to no avail? Travelling during peak hours can sometimes get us tired even before we start work. Today in Singapore this is reality. Throw your problems away, Pool a MaxiCab/MiniBus Service with us. Lower your travelling cost and time factor. Multiple point pick up with your friends colleagues, your neighbours and drop off like a boss at your desired destinations. Simply plan with your pool for pickup points, drop off points, timings, costing and tell us your requirement. That simple. We will give you a feasible reply to suit your needs. Based on the size of your pool we will give you the best suited type of vehicle. Send us an email or call us to find out more…….Book your Pool a Maxi Cab/Mini Bus with us. Rates start as low as $5……..


Example:13 Seater Pool a Mini Bus Service

   1st point- Tampines Mrt/2pax/0645hrs

   2nd point- Bedok South /1pax/0655hrs

   3rd point- Upper Changi Rd/1pax/0700hrs

   4th point- Kallang Mrt/2pax/0710hrs

   5th point- LavenderMrt/2pax/0715hrs

   6th point-Chinatown/3pax/0725hrs

   7th point- Bukit Merah/2pax/0735hrs

   Destination:Benoi Road-0755hrs

$1600/per month

22working days/13 Passengers

1800 divided by 22 days divided by 13 passengers

Each person pays: $5.60 per day

Each person pays: $123 per month

*Rates will vary based on factors such number of passengers in pool, the distance to travel as well the number of pick up points

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